Recognized Company List



(Complete company name; date added to Utah’s list; (* = “from at least”); state or country of domicile)

Company name Added Domicile
Company name Added Domicile
Acceptance Casualty Ins. Co. 2009-09 NB
Admrial Insurance Company 1997-06 DE
Adriatic Insurance Company 1988-10-01 DE
Agent Alliance Ins. Company 05/17/2016 Alabama
AIG Europe Limited 2014-01  
AIG Specialty (formerly Chartis) 1990-04 IL
AIX Specialty Insurance Company 2007-07-01 DE
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE 2003-07-01 Germany
Allianz Underwriters Insurance Company 1979-07-01 CA
Allied World Assurance Co (U.S.) Inc. (Formerly Commercial U/W Ins Co) 1997-04-01 CA
Allied World Surplus Lines Ins. (formerly Darwin)    
Ally International Ins. Company 00-00-00 MI
Alterra Excess & Surplus Ins. Co. 1977-09-01 DE
American Empire Surplus Lines Insurance Company - DE
American Equity Insurance Company 1995-10-01 AZ
American Modern Surplus Lines Insurance Company 2006-06-01 OH
American National Lloyds Ins. Co. 08/20/2014 Texas
American Safety Indemnity Company (was Trafalgar Ins Co) 1997-11-01 OK
American Western Home Insurance Company 1992-03-01 OK
Amtrust International Underwriters LTD 2009-06-01 Ireland
Appalachian Insurance Company 1962-11-01 RI
ARCH Excess & Surplus Ins Company (formerly Cross River) 1999-10-01 NE
ARCH Specialty Insurance Company (formerly Rock River) 1997-04-01 DE
Arrowood Surplus Lines Insurance Company - DE
Aspen Insurance UK Limited 2004-07-01 -
Aspen Specialty Insurance Company 1998-01-01 ND
Assicurazioni Generali, S.P.A., U.K. Branch - Italy
Associated Electric & Gas Insurance Services Limited (AEGIS) 1979-01-01 Bermuda
Associated Industries Ins. Com., Inc. 2011-08 FL
Atain Specialty Insurance Company 2000-09 MI
Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company 2001-04-01 NC
AXIS Specialty Europe Limited 2005-09-01 Ireland
AXIS Surplus Insurance Company (formerly Sheffield Ins Corp) 1985-05-01 IL
Berkley Assurance Co. (North Pointe) 1999-05 FL
Berkley Regional Specialty Ins Co 2005-11-01 ME
Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Company 2005-10-01 UK
Blue Hill Specialty Ins. Company 2015-09  
Bracken Hill Specialty Insurance Co. 2009-05 IL
British Aviation Insurance Company Limited, The - England
Burlington Insurance Company, The 1987-06-01 NC
Canal Indemnity Company 1979-01-01 SC
Canopius US Insurance, Inc. 2008-03  
Capitol Specialty Insurance Corporation 2004-08-01 -
Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd. 09/2006 UK
Catlin Specialty Insurance Company 10/1995 DE
Century Surety Company 1995-03-01 OH
Chubb Custom Insurance Company 1984-05-01 DE
Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Co, The 2008-01-01 DE
Clarendon National Ins. Co. SL 1998-01-01 NJ
Clear Blue Specialty Ins. Co. 05/03/2016  
CM Vantage Specialty Ins. Co. 05/05/2016  
Colony Insurance Company 1982-03-01 VA
Columbia Casualty Company 1978-01-01 IL
Companion Specialty Insurance Company 2009-06-01 DC
Conifer Insurance Company 2013-01 MI
Coverys Specialty Ins. Co. 2012-12 New Jersey
Covington Specialty Ins. Co. 2011-06 GA
Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Company (was Transnational) 1999-07-01 CT
CUMIS Specialty Insurance Company 2008-11-01 IA
Discover Specialty Insurance Company 2002-02-01 IL
Empire Indemnity Insurance Company 1978-05-01 OK
Endurance American Specialty Insurance Co 1993-08-01 DE
Endurance Worldwide   Bermuda
Energy Insurance Mutual 2004-09-01 Barbados
Evanston Ins. CO./ESSEX 1978-04-01 IL
Everest Indemnity Insurance Company 1998-10-01 DE
Executive Risk Specialty Insurance Company 1996-10-01 CT
Fair American Select Ins. Co. 2014-04  
First Mercury Insurance Company 2004-08-01 -
First Specialty Insurance Corporation 1991-03-01 MO
Gemini Insurance Company 1999-07-01 DE
General Security Indemnity Company of Arizona (formerly Fulcrum) 1994-11-01 AZ
General Star Indemnity Company 1983-01-01 CT
Geo Vera Specialty Insurance Company 1997-11-01 CA
Golden Bear Insurance Company 2007-04-01 MN
Gotham Insurance Company 1988-10-01 NY
Great American E & S Insurance Company (was Agricultural E&S) 1979-05-01 DE
Great American Fidelity (was American Dynasty) 1983-06-01 DE
Great American Protection Insurance Company (was Eden Park Ins Co) 1991-06-01 IN
Great Lakes Insurance SE 12/30/2016 Germany
Guide One National 10-2012 Iowa
Guilford Insurance Co. 09/02 IL
Hallmark Specialty Insurance Company 2009-06-01 OK
Hamilton Specialty Ins. Co. 2015-01  
HCC Specialty Insurance Company 2006-05-01 OK
HDI Specialty Ins. Company 07/05/2017 IL
Helvetia Swiss Ins. Co. 12/21/2016  
Homeland Insurance Company of New York 2002-06-01 NY
Houston Casualty Company - TX
Houston Specialty Ins. Co. 2008/11 DE
HSB Specialty Insurance Company 2013-02 CT
Hudson Excess Insurance Co. 12/04/2013 DELAWARE
Hudson Specialty Insurance Company 1994-10-01 NY
Illinois Emcasco Insurance Company 1981-02-01 IL
Illinois Union Insurance Company - IL
Independent Specialty Ins. Co. 2017-16-03 DELAWARE
Indian Harbor Insurance Company 1998-08-01 ND
International Insurance Company of Hanover Limited 1998-01-01 England
Interstate Fire & Casualty Company - IL
ISMIE Indemnity Company 12/28/2017 IL
Ironshore Europe DAC 09-16-2017 Ireland
Ironshore Europe Ltd 00-00-00 Ireland
Ironshore Insurance Ltd 2007-07-01 Bermuda
Ironshore Specialty Insurance Company 1990-01-01 AZ
James River Insurance Company 1998-08-01 OH
Kinsale Insurance Company 1999-06 AR
Landmark American Insurance Company 1986-01-01 OK
Lexington insurance Company - DE
Liberty Surplus Insurance Corporation 1998-01-01 NH
Liverty Mutual Ins. Europe Limited 1999-01-01 England
Lloyd's Underwriters at, London all Syndicates 1964-10-01 England
Marine Insurance Company Limited, The - England
Markel International Insurance Company Limited - -
Maxum Indemnity Co (was Caliber One Indemnity Co) 1975-10-01 DE
Mercer Insurance 2015-06  
Merchants National Ins. Co. 2011-03 NH
Messa Underwriters Speicalty Ins. Co. formerly Montpelier 1980-08-01 OK
Mid-Continent Excess and Surplus 12/2010 DE
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co (Europe) Limited 2008-01-01 UK
Mount Vernon Fire Insurance Company 1977-12-01 PA
Mount Vernon Specialty 06/16/2016  
Mt. Hawley Insurance Company - KS
National Fire & Marine Insurance Company - NE
Nautilus Insurance Company 1986-01-01 AZ
Navigator Specialty Insurance Company 1998-01-01 NY
Nevada Captial Insurance Company 2012-06 NV
Noetic Specialty Insurance Company 1994-03-01 IL
North American Capacity Insurance Company 1986-05-01 NH
North Light Specialty Ins. Co. 2011-08 IL
Northfield Insurance Company 1972-10-01 MO
Ocean Marine 2011-04 SP
Old Republic Union Insurance Company 2000-09-01 IL
Pacific Insurance Company, Limited - HI
PartnerRe Ireland Insurance Limited 07-31-2014  
Peleus Ins. Co. (was Colony National) 1997-04-01 VA
Penn-Starr Insurance Company 1999-10-01 PA
PMSLIC Insurance Company 2000-09 PA
Prime Insurance Company 2006-09 IL
Princeton Excess and Surplus Lines Ins. Co., The 10/2002 DE
Proassurance Specialty Ins. Co., Inc. 2009-05-01 AL
Professional Security Ins. Compan 2017-01  
Progressive American Insurance Company - FL
Protective Specialty Insurance Co. 2004-11-01 IN
QBE Insurance Europe Limited 2000-12 NY
QBE Specialty Insurance Company 2003-04-01 ND
Rainier Insurance Company 2006-09-01 AZ
Reliamax Surety Company 2013-12 South Dakota
Republic Vanguard 10-09-2012 TEXAS
Rockhill Insurance Company 2005-11-01 AZ
Rockingham Casualty 2015-10  
SAFECO Surplus Lines Insurance Company 1985-12-01 WA
Safety Specialty Ins. Co. 02-17-2017 MO
Savers Property and Casualty Insurance Company 1986-10-01 MO
Scor UK Company Ltd. 2012-04 UK
Scottsdale Insurance Company 1982-06-01 OH
Scottsdale Surplus Lines Ins. Co. 2015-12 ARIZONA
Select Insurance Company 1988-10-01 TX
Seneca Specialty Insurance Company 2003-07-01 TX
Sirius International Insurance Company 1999-12-01 Sweden
St. Paul Surplus Lines Insurance Company 1975-01-01 DE
Starr Surplus Lines Insurance Co 2009-06-09 IL
StarStone Insurance Limited 08/09 UK
Starstone Specialty/was Torus Specialty Ins. Co. 2004-06-01 DE
Steadfast Insurance Company 1984-07-01 DE
Swiss Re International 1986 Luxembourg
TDC National Assurance Company 2016-25-08 CO
The Princeton Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance Company 2002-10-01 DE
Tokio Marine    
Travelers Excess and Surplus Lines Company 1997-04-01 CT
TT Club Mutual Insurance Ltd. 06/01/2017 England
Tudor Insurance Company - NH
United National Insurance Company - PA
United Specialty Insurance Company 2006-12-01 DE
Voyager Indemnity Insurance Company 2003-11-01 GA
Watford Specialty Ins. Company 2015-12 New Jersey
Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Company 1980-09-01 GA
Western Heritage Insurance Company 1987-06-01 AZ
Western World Insurance Company, Inc - NH
XL Select Insurance Company (formerly Winterthur Intn'l America U/W Ins Co) - OK